Flatterding / Songs of Solomon [LH016]

The debut album from Flatterding presenting sweet songs of Solomon. Recorded on an hot august evening in Linz, Austria. All songs are written by Sam Bunn Guitar, Vocals: Sam Bunn Vocals, Artwork: Kathi Lackner Drums, Violin: Reini Zach Guitar, Mix: Sebastian Six more here: https://lauthals.bandcamp.com/album/songs-of-solomon Songs of Solomon by Flatterding […]


The new mini album from SIXBUS oscillates between experiment, session and concept, with a delicate mixture of ambient soundscapes, guitar improvisations and electronic. Credits:Written, played and produced by Sebastian Six.Photo by Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch, Sea of Tranquility, 2014 © Bildrecht, Wien, 2015Graphics: Marita Bullmann Feldsaiten by six bus CAT.NR.: […]

S.A.F.B.B. / CircumLiver – Fantasmas de Marte [LH012]

The split-album of SAFBB and CircumLiver is full of harsh noise and experimental sounds. The collaboration is devoted to John Carpenters SciFi Horror Movie “Fantasmas de Marte” (Ghosts of Mars). archive.org     /       zip        / 01 – SAFBB – Fantasmas de marte https://archive.org/download/LH012/01_-_SAFBB_-_Fantasmas_de_marte.MP3 02 – CircumLiver – Shining Canyon https://archive.org/download/LH012/02_-_CircumLiver_-_Shining_Canyon.MP3 03 […]

Astebianix – Apocajam [LH010]

The new single of Astebianix is out and he goes Hip Hop!! But he doesn´t like to rap! OK! Here we go! Listen to the tow deep and angry Tracks! Apocajam by astebianix [siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Panels_Widgets_EmbeddedVideo”][/siteorigin_widget] CAT.NR.: LH010RELEASE: 28.2.2014ARTIST: ASTEBIANIXTITEL: APOCAJAMFORMAT: digital fileISCR: AT-SD2-14-442 [siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]

S.A.F.B.B. + Hlyst – K.R.B.F. / Evgeniy Gnoystrelev [LH009]

The split-album K.R.B.F. / Evgeniy Gnoystrelev of SAFBB and Hlyst is a reissue of an CDr on the Label Perineum Productions. It is full of harsh fizzle and noisy experimental sounds. Listen and clean up your ears! MORE: archive.org  /  zip  /  cover  / 01 SAFBB – KRBF 1 https://archive.org/download/LH009/01_-_SAFBB_-_KRBF_1.mp3 02 […]

six bus – I-L [LH008]

  The new field recording single of SIXBUS is here to listen and download. The two pieces were produced on specific occasions in 2009. The first track originated during rehearsals for a concert at the Playground Festival in Innsbruck. The second was part of the project Radiospotting which took place […]

Benjamin Ramadani – Live at Brand [LH004]

  This album is a quite beautiful live-recording of the singer-songwriter Benjamin Ramadani, from a concert which took place in 2006. Listen and enjoy. MORE: Zip    /   archive.org 01 – Benjamin Ramadani – sunrise https://archive.org/download/LH004/01_-_Benjamin_Ramadani_-_sunrise.mp3 02 – Benjamin Ramadani – losing https://archive.org/download/LH004/02_-_Benjamin_Ramadani_-_losing.mp3 03 – Benjamin Ramadani – sour in […]

MAY HE HETAL? / The Hitman Demo [LH005]

  The experimental circuit bending-formation MAY HE HETAL? has produced a CDr album named The Hitman Demo. It includes a first version of the hit gehärtete pflanzliche fette. Most of the tracks have been released on the Netlabel  release “Realoase” (Autark). Here you can listen to the whole album or […]

denk-mal – Noise is Ois [LH001]

“Noise is ois” is the first release of denk-mal, and that on tape! There were about 50 handmade tapes with three different noise-parts! The tape was produced with the four-track-tape-recorder Fostex x-34. From a musical point of view it’s a low-fi-journey through different genres. The following download contents a cut-out of […]