Hardwose – King of the Jungle [LH011]

Der junge Franzose Hugo Dufour aka Hardwose begann bereits mit vier Jahren Synthesizer zu spielen. Lauthals präsentiert seine Debüt- EP  ‘King of the Jungle’ – eine Elektromischung, die euch die nächsten Nächte durchfeiern lässt. Hier zum Hören und Herunterladen!



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Open Call – AIR bb15 2014

The call is open to artists who work at the interface between sound, music and auditory research / practice. We are looking for exhibition concepts that explore the specific artistic possibilities and potentials of sound in the context of contemporary fine art. The selected artist(s) will have the opportunity to realize their exhibition concepts during a two-week artist-in-residence stay. This call includes no media restrictions – installation-based, sculptural, multimedia or performative works are all welcome.

The specific interests of  bb15 include: sonification, voice, spatial perception, noise, drone, soundscapes, HiFi / LoFi, field recordings.

Closing date for applications:
March 31st, 2014

Open Call – AIR bb15 2014.pdf
Open Call – AIR bb15 2014 german.pdf


S.A.F.B.B. + Hlyst – K.R.B.F. / Evgeniy Gnoystrelev [LH009]


Zum Ohren ausputzen gibts hier die Wiederauflage des zweiteiligen Albums “K.R.B.F. / Evgeniy Gnoystrelev”. Die spanischen “Some Asien Female Bodybuilders” und der ukrainischen “Hlyst” präsentieren Hardnoise und klirrenden Ambiant.

The split-album of Some Asian Females Bodybuilders and Hlyst is full of harsh noise and experimental tracks. Clean up your ears!!!