New sixbus Piece on Swift Noise Compilation

In October 2014 a glitch somewhere deep in iTunes occurred resulting in the release of Track 03 by Taylor Swift. Over night enough of Swift's obviously large fan base had purchased the track to make it go to the #1 spot on the Canadian iTunes charts. So far so ordinary - except: Track 03 was nothing more than 8 seconds of white noise.
Media picked up on the story, fans tweeted to Taylor Swift expressing their wonder about her creative decision on that track and on guy in London hastily put out an open call for contributions to Swift Noise, so named after a suggestion by Thibault Autheman aka Flux Agency. A Soundcloud group was set up and the request put out to submit tracks to a specially created email address.
Sixbus did also a track for this strange 66 8sec pieces compilation

The hole compilation you find here: