Philipp Zappel / Dither [LH013]

We are pleased to present "Dither" the debut album of the vehement sound wizard Phillip Zappel on Lauthals !!! And whether you believe it or not, on MiniDisc !!! Zappel comes with his brutal-analog Sound Sketches to the absolute limit of 24bit compression, of Sony's stillbirth from the nineties. Zappel's sound oscillates between academic drum and bass and experimental sound sculptures. So rummages your MD player from the attic and save your copy of the on 33 pieces limited edition. Price: 33 € !!

You can buy the limited MiniDisc  and the download on our Bandcamp.

CAT.NR.: LH013
RELEASE: 23.12.2014
ARTIST: Phillip Zappel
FORMAT: 33 MiniDisc, digital file